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Official BlueX Lenses with Registered Trademark by Parveen Optics.

We are committed to developing advanced blue and laser light blocking lenses that optimize eye protection, allowing individuals to stay focused and protected throughout their day.

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What makes us Special?


Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light with our specially designed lenses.


Laser Light Blocking Lenses

Safeguard Your Eyes From Laser Light With Our Advanced Protective Lenses.


Customizable Eyeglass Lenses

Get Personalized Eyeglass Lenses Tailored To Your Specific Requirements.


About Us

BlueX Lenses specializes in providing top-notch eye protection for digital device users. Our lenses minimize eye strain, fatigue, and potential damage caused by prolonged screen exposure.
BlueX Lenses started with a vision to enhance eye comfort and safeguard visual well-being in the digital age.

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Shield for your eyes

Effective Blue Light Blocking: Our lenses provide effective protection against harmful blue light, minimizing eye strain and fatigue.

Enhanced Vision Comfort: Experience enhanced vision comfort with our top-notch lenses designed specifically for eyeglasses.

Cutting-edge Technology: We use cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum eye protection and visual well-being.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of customizable eyeglass lenses that cater to different prescriptions and vision needs. From single vision to progressive lenses, we can ensure that your eyeglasses provide optimal clarity and comfort. Experience enhanced vision with our high-quality lenses.


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